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Arlington circa 1950

Population 7,692

Arlington Today

Population 375,000

Welcome to a Quick Look at Arlington's Story
1987 - 1997

Richard Greene

Mayor of Arlington

1987 - 1997

The journey from water stop to national destination is an awesome story. While there are many among us who witnessed it all unfold, most of the residents in the center of the fastest growing urban area in the country didn't. Still more aren't aware of those unseen moments when things happened and didn't happen that changed everything.


Of course, there are many more than ten. In fact, some are unfolding today as a work in progress. As it will always be. But, these cannot be denied. It takes three minutes or so to read the essays.


I had the high privilege and honor of serving for five terms as the mayor of Arlington. That occurred during what I like to call the pivotal years in our recent history because of the things that unfolded then. It's a classic example of the path chosen that charted the course that has brought us to where we are now. Ultimately it's a profond expression of the spirit of the people of Arlington.


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